East Kentucky Biodiesel

East Kentucky BiodieselEastern Kentucky is a land rich with natural resources and good people, but it is also in need of new forms of energy and economic development. East Kentucky Biodiesel is the region’s first producer of ASTM-certified renewable fuel and is dedicated to being a key player in bringing our region into the new energy economy.

We are in the process of designing and building a 250,000 gallon per year plant in Floyd County that will serve government fleets in the surrounding area, with cooking oil as the main feedstock. We eventually plan to use strip mine land to grow our own oil seed crops to process into biodiesel and we will do research into using algae as a feedstock.

In addition to producing fuel, we are actively involved with educational projects to increase awareness about renewable energy and biofuels. Please contact us about workshops and speaking engagements at schools, community groups, churches, and other interested organizations.